Sydney Robotic Centre

Sydney Robotic Centre

at Westmead Private Hospital

Westmead Private Hospital is a leader in robotic surgery. Since its inception in 2013 we have continued to innovate and be at the forefront of robotic surgery, with many Australian-first procedures been performed in urology, gynaecology and general surgery.

The da Vinci Si Surgical System enables our highly skilled surgeons to provide patients with superior minimally invasive surgical options. This new generation of surgical technique complements our comprehensive existing range of treatments.

Our world-class surgeons work with our team of skilled nurses and allied health professional to provide the highest standard of personalized care to all our patients. The team work together to ensure the needs of our patients are met prior to admission, whilst in hospital and following discharge.

Westmead Private Hospital offers robotic surgery for :

  • Urological conditions
  • Gynaecological conditions
  • Colorectal, hepatobiliary & pancreatic conditions
  • Ear, nose & throat conditions.

With over 20 surgeons accredited to utilise the robot, we are committed to providing the best in quality health care, offering the most advanced surgical options for the community of Western Sydney.

Westmead Private Hospital

Urological Robotic Procedures:

  • Partial nephrectomy (removing cancer and preserving kidney)
  • Radical Prostatectomies

For a list of robotic urological surgeons at Westmead Private Hospital click here.

Gynaecological Robotic Procedures:

  • Hysterectomies for benign gynaecological conditions
  • Myomectomy
  • Ovarian cystectomy, oophorectomy
  • Endometriosis resection
  • Pelvic floor repair (Sacrocolpopexy)

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For a list of robotic gynaecological surgeons at Westmead Private Hospital click here.

Colorectal Robotic Procedures:

Colon cancer

  • Rectal cancer (Anterior resection)
  • Trans Anal polypectomy
  • Rectal prolapse (Rectopexy)

For a list of robotic colorectal surgeons at Westmead Private Hospital click here.

Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Robotic Procedures

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Liver resection
  • Pancreatic resection

For a list of Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgeons at Westmead Private Hospital click here.

ENT Robotic Procedures

  • Tonsillectomy

For a list of robotic ear, nose and throat surgeons at Westmead Private Hospital click here.